Gary Martin The Prince of Blues

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Carrying forward a strong sense of culture that he has devoted his life to mastering, Gary Martin blends energy and passion into his own distinctive style, which he dominates with insane skill on the guitar. Gary’s diverse background in Jazz, Blues, Motown, R ‘n B, Funk, and Rock ‘n Roll has seen him perform at venues ranging from clubs to concert halls, family events to festivals, charity fundraisers to military and embassy events, and everything in between. His energy is catching, his talent authentic, and his performances memorable. Gary embraces you and has you spellbound. He is the one and only Gary Martin, the funky bluesman with soul.

Born and raised in Chicago, the mecca of blues and jazz, Gary Martin, known as the “Prince of Blues” is a dynamic guitarist, musical director/arranger, producer, singer, songwriter, instructor and modern day renaissance man. A child protégé, tutored by many of Chicago’s blues/jazz giants of the 60's Hubert Sumlin (uncle), Howlin Wolf, Carey Bell, Scott Family, Miles Davis, Earl “Fatha” Hines, and numerous others along with many of Detroit’s finest including the legendary Funk Brothers.

As a bandleader, touring and session musician, Gary Martin has worked with multiple Grammy and Juno award winning musician and artists across North America.

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